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Think Ibsen. I send you out to investigate the bat boy who lives in the old church belfry and you come back with a story about moths infesting the rafters. What the hell is that?

China lands Chang′e-4 probe on ′dark′ side of moon | News | DW |

She gave him a droll stare as she crossed her arms over her chest. He snorted at that before he flipped to a blank sheet of paper on his notepad. He set it beside his coffee.

Bullshit does that… and I like it that way. He paused as if an idea had struck him. He reached for his pad where he quickly scribbled something. Can you imagine? Women all over the country will be kissing their bosses to test the theory. She screwed her face up at him in disgust. He was totally undaunted, mostly because the two of them had been teasing each other this way since they attended college together. Susan let out a long, exasperated breath.

China lands Chang'e-4 probe on 'dark' side of moon

That brought another glassy look to his eyes before he scribbled again. Disembowels Woman Who Excites Him. Susan groaned deep in her throat. Stop turning everything into a cheesy headline. Cheesy headlines pay for your Porsche. Her chest tightened at his words. Her former boss had nicknamed her Hound Dog Sue because she could sniff a story from a mile away and then run it to ground and bring it home.

And in one moment of gross stupidity, her whole world had come crumbling down around her. No matter what, this was her life and she was going to live it on her own terms. Not that working for the Daily Inquisitor could ever be construed as true journalism, but at least it allowed her to pay off some of her gargantuan debt and court costs. And though she hated her job, it kept her fed and off the street. For that she owed the little toad. She stared at him. Then report everything back to me. Is this before or after she drops acid?

Leo made an irritated noise. Live a little, Sue. Let go of the venom. Enjoy it. It was hard to Carpe Crap when what she really wanted to do was get her reputation back. Heartsick, she turned around and headed back to her desk as she looked at the blog address in her hand. But before long, she did and there it was… a black page with some hand drawn gothic artwork on a website called deadjournal. The girl, Dark Angel was certainly that. Her entries showed the typical angst of an average student… who was seriously delusional and in need of years of therapy from between the walls of a padded room.

Someone please shoot me. So here I was trying to study for my test tomorrow. At first I stupidly thought it was my brother harassing me, until I looked closer at the number and no. Not him. Really, take my advice and never work for an immortal. They have no respect whatsoever for those of us with finite lives.

He could just teleport himself into the house, but back when he made the bargain to become immortal, that ability was taken from him, along with the one that allows him to travel through time. And why was this taken from him? One reason. So after I hoof my butt over there to get his sorry ass, what do I find?

Yes, you guessed it. That rank bastard and his pranks.


A curse of poxes on his head. So fleas. Lots and lots of fleas! So here I am, chugging extra-caffeinated espresso and hoping I stay awake for my test this afternoon. Thanks, boss. Appreciate it. You are the best. Susan let out a tired breath as she rubbed her brow. Oh yeah. The girl needed some serious professional help. But what the hell? Susan cringed at the thought. And even though the shelters were warmed, there was always an odd chill to the air. One that penetrated straight to the bones. Today was no different.

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The cat cages were lined along two walls where some of the felines slept while others played, ate or groomed. Only a fool would make that assumption. More than that, its eyes were an eerie shade of black… an unnatural color for such a beast. And if one were really paying attention, he would definitely notice that while the other cats wore plain white collars, this one wore one of silver. It was a very special collar that caught in light and flashed with a preternatural gleam. And what made it so special? Certainly not the thinness of its strap or the fact that it had no buckle on it.

‘Dark side’ of moon seen from surface for first time

It was the unseen circuitry that ran along the underside of the silver fabric. A devilish invention by those who wanted some control over the magick of others, this collar kept this particular cat in its current feline form. Ravyn hissed as a man ventured near his cage. And it was all his fault. Damn him and his libido anyway. He looked at the bars on the cage and hissed at the apparent answer. Ash would have a field day with him on this one. Provided he got out of it.

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So long as he wore the collar, his powers as both a Dark-Hunter and Were-Hunter were seriously restricted. As an Arcadian Were-Hunter, his natural form was human. To be trapped as a cat during the light of day was both painful and extremely disconcerting. Even with the metriazo collar on that inhibited him from using his paranormal powers, there was only so long he could hold this form before his own magick turned on him and killed him.

Ravyn narrowed his eyes on the tall, blond male veterinarian who was an Apollite. As a rule, most Apollites stayed out of the war that raged between the Daimons and the Dark-Hunters.

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After all, that was the whole reason Dark-Hunters had been created. They were the ones who killed the Daimons so that the stolen human souls could be released before the Daimon possession destroyed them. The human assistant, who was a short man around the age of thirty with black hair and a shaggy beard, answered. The romance is good, I loved that they took the time to build and develop their relationship and trust. I would have given this book 5 stars if I hadn't had a super big problem with Nick Gautier!

I was extremely disappointed in him and I got really mad to the point where I had a wild urge to smash his teeth down his throat. I hated that he let his anger and misery blind him to his own faults. How dared he blame Acheron for his death?! He acted like a child who couldn't admit his mistakes. He didn't deserve to be a Dark-Hunter!